Men Aftershave – Balm, Cologne, Lotions, Samples and Aftershave Gel for Men

The cosmetics industry is a multi-million dollar industry, and lots of men are main participants in this estrogen believed-to be area. It is socially thought that men are excused from using these products, with no apparent reason. Men aftershave is a must-have cosmetic accessory in every guys dresser, well… guys don’t have dressers, do we?

In terms of men personal care, the options are limitless: Aftershave balms, aftershave colognes, lotions, gels and more. In order to understand better these product, here’s a brief explanation of the main differences between men aftershaves.

Aftershave Balm: The aftershave balm is a type of liniment specifically prepared for skin relief and stiffness after a difficult shave. This medicated solution is not very viscous, at least not as viscous as creams are. They do posses however, a clammy almost glue-like consistence. It is the best solution for strong hardworking men, who feel like a boxer horse out there in the field, since aftershave balms should be vigorously rubbed against your skin.

Aftershave lotion: Lotions are substances particularly applied to a sensitive area of your body. There isn’t anything more sensitive than your presentation card: your face.

Contrary to other aftershaves, lotions can be applied with a clean cloth. This is only for you to take into consideration, because we know that for commodity and time, we rather use our hands. Basically, lotions’ main purpose in life is to moisturize, sooth and smooth your skin. Whether oil-in-water or water-in-oil mixtures, an aftershave lotion is definitely your best option.

Aftershave Cologne: This product is somehow different from other aftershaves, and it requires special care. Putting cologne in your face is nothing like washing it, because it’s meant for fragrance purposes exclusively . Do not apply big quantities of cologne for two main reasons: a) cologne usually does not contain skin conditioners to relieve your sore face, hence it can counteract the healing process and cause irritation. b) cologne possesses a stronger and longer effect, consequently, instead of projecting a pleasant hygienic image, you’ll most likely end up your night with an early home return and a nauseous good-looking date.

- Aftershave for men, in any presentation they come: aftershave balm, lotion, cream, gel or cologne. is perhaps your best option for a clean, hygienic, classy shave solution. Find more aftershave information here. Generic Viagra and Cheap Viagra at this trusted online pharmacies-

Aftershave Gel: Like any other men aftershaves, gels are designed to moisturize your skin and prevent razor burns, rashes and irritation. Its cool sensation provides men with a regenerating soothing aftershave feeling. This type of men aftershave is recommended for oily skin and hot summer days, since it contains herbal extracts and alcohol-free components to hydrate your pores and keep a healthy skin.

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